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Very often a Russian woman is confused about whether a man loves her or not, and how serious his feelings are. Maybe he just has a good time with her, and does not have any feelings towards her, does he? Of course, women's love is unconditionally stronger and more emotional, with a grain of care and faithfulness, than man's love. And such love Russian women expect to get in reply. But a man's l… Read all

The vast majority of Russian women like gifts just for the very fact of their existence. Therefore, women eagerly await the holidays to enjoy the very process of obtaining the long-awaited colorful boxes with bows. At the same time, more than 80% of Russian women prefer gifts-surprises. Of course, for each woman it's necessary to choose a strictly individual gift, according to her lifestyle, he… Read all

It is well known that people live differently in different countries. This concerns not only traditions and cultural sensitivities but also living standards as a whole. People have long been used to the fact that life is better in certain countries, and they want to move to these countries for permanent residence. Unfortunately, Russia is presently facing a difficult economic situation. Consequ… Read all

Foreign men appreciate many qualities of Russian women such as beautiful outward qualities, wit, good manners, ability to dress stylishly, good health, cleanliness and mobility. At the same time, it's desirable for a woman to have some defenselessness, to know how to cook well and to make rather good money. Men are like children - they dream of a delicious candy in a beautiful wrapper!  Let's t… Read all

It happens sometimes in our life that we take offense at someone, and after that we get a weight on the soul. Offences accumulate inside us and then it gets very hard to get rid of them. We can’t forgive a close person, a friend or just an acquaintance, and as a result we live with our offences.  Scientists have found out that the ability to forgive affects the male and female health in differe… Read all

Nowadays most people make the acquaintance on the Internet, such is the modern style of life and communication. However, in the age of social networks, dating sites and e-mail you just can’t ignore such a tool of courtship as a correspondence!  Our site is not an exception and it was created to unite men and women so that they could create families! To make an impression on a Russian woman by c… Read all

It is possible to meet someone through our site and to find your significant other. Someone who is your friend, lover and your everything. It starts with meeting someone online and then after some time you can arrange a date with each other. You need to take it step by step. And then ultimately the unexpected can happen, you can find out that this person is very dear to you and that you like eac… Read all

On February 23, all citizens of Russia celebrate the Defender of the Fatherland Day. They started to celebrate this day during the times of the USSR. In those days February 23 was observed annually as a national holiday - the Day of Soviet Army and Navy. Dedicated to all defenders 23 February is a public holiday that is dedicated to all the defenders of the Fatherland, to those who have devote… Read all

It’s a well- known fact that men and women are totally different creatures. It can be seen in the way they are called: a man is the stronger sex, a woman is the weaker sex. We often think up different facts about each other, which are impossible to believe.  What do women think about men What do women think about when they are looking at men? Almost all women have no doubt that men are ready f… Read all

What if it's truly love?

How often we can hear about love! But is there love? What is love? Everyone is arguing about the meaning of the word "love" - philosophers, doctors, scientists. Each of them has a point of view different from the other. The concept of "love" is also used when we are talking about a special affection to nature, music, painting, etc. The common meaning of the word "love" Each person invents his… Read all