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Thanks to many marriage agencies and dating sites, there is a misconception among some men about what Russian women want. It is believed that the Russian on internet dating only want to go abroad to obtain citizenship by getting married and then getting divorced to build a life on their own in a new country.  Cheating There are some women who are looking for rich men to marry them and get divo… Read all

Our dating blog was created to share experiences, and exchange thoughts, ideas, and cultural traditions between Western men and Russian women. This is a place where two people can find each other. Our website can be the start of a serious relationship with a Russian woman that may turn into marriage one day. We would like to open a discussion about several interesting subjects: love, marriage, fi… Read all

We have succeeded in making the ultimate dating website for Russian women and foreign men. Our agency will provide the services to support our clients in their search to find their significant other. We offer a full database of beautiful Russian women looking for a serious relationship. There is also lots of helpful information about dating Russian women. We want to achieve the best results and he… Read all