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Very often a Russian woman is confused about whether a man loves her or not, and how serious his feelings are. Maybe he just has a good time with her, and does not have any feelings towards her, does he? Of course, women's love is unconditionally stronger and more emotional, with a grain of care and faithfulness, than man's love. And such love Russian women expect to get in reply. But a man's l… Read all

What if it's truly love?

How often we can hear about love! But is there love? What is love? Everyone is arguing about the meaning of the word "love" - philosophers, doctors, scientists. Each of them has a point of view different from the other. The concept of "love" is also used when we are talking about a special affection to nature, music, painting, etc. The common meaning of the word "love" Each person invents his… Read all

Love...A true love...or just attraction...And what have you experienced? I can say for sure you have experienced all of these three states of mind. But it's not easy to figure out what exact feeling we had in each case... Some say that they can fall in love rather often, others tell the exact number of their "loves", some say that a true love can occur only once in life (and, as a rule, it is t… Read all

One important fact is the misconception of the age of the woman. Many Russian women hide their age. They want to be perceived younger than they actually are. One might ask why. We tend to answer this question by qualifying their biological age and their psychological age. There is the age that appears on the passport when the aging of cells depends on the characteristics of the body. There is al… Read all