“Happiness is that you show you care and love your partner every day.” But what can be happier than a happy marriage? There is nothing in the world that can compare with the love of an Eastern European woman. If you are lucky enough to be her man, she will do anything to make you happy.

If you still are thinking about how you can win the heart of an Eastern European woman, you will want to read our book, “Finding your Eastern European wife. The path to marital bliss.” It will open up all the hidden secrets for you. This book about relationships and dating covers a wide selection of subjects.

It will help you to understand the cultural differences, the Eastern European women secrets, and the path to a successful marriage with an Eastern European woman. The book will also help answer some of your questions. Why do Eastern European women look for a foreign fiancée? Who would be an ideal match for them? It gives you a taste of what Eastern European life is about and the women that live there. This is just the beginning of all the book has to offer.


The myth about Eastern European women

Eastern European women are known for their remarkable beauty and their ability to be caring and devoted wives. The perfect women with whom you would want to start a family with. They are exceptional mothers and are known to be family oriented with strong family values. You will find that they are searching for a life partner, a husband they can appreciate and love. This is what will attract you to the Eastern European women.

Western women are also very beautiful. Yet, differences do exist. Eastern European women are tender and feminine and more dedicated wives. They can’t live without the attention, care and compliments of their men. Western women are more independent, demanding, and a little less caring. Sometimes they put their career first. For Eastern European women career is almost always second priority.

Are you starting to see the attraction to Eastern European women? This is the reason why so many men over the world are ‘hunting’ to find an Eastern European bride. To be a ‘hunter’ it is not enough to conquer the heart of an Eastern European woman. You need to know much more about them, and the answers are found in our book.

What makes Eastern European women so special?

Western men are ‘hunting’ for not only the beauty and sexuality of Eastern European women, but for their charisma, style, and womanhood. Their strong desire to look perfect and fit, always attract western fiancés. An Eastern European woman will support her man, make compromises, and accept his decisions. She will be proud of him and stand by him because he is her man.

Obstacles may occur

The book will help you to understand the culture and traditions of Eastern European women. Moreover, how you can find common interests and a mutual understanding despite your different cultures and habits. A serious, loving relationship may already exist. You can now learn how you can achieve the next step in building your relationship and your future together.

How to support an Eastern European woman?

The most important way you can support an Eastern European woman is by having respect for her. The other ways are discussed in our book, and will explain how you can support your life partner in good times and bad. There also will be tips that be found in the book helping to show you how to court and marry a gorgeous Eastern European woman.

Why is it necessary to read this book?

This is a fair question asked of most authors. The book was written especially for Western men. It helps them avoid several mistakes that have previously been made in meeting Eastern European women.

The book includes an interesting true-life story based on the author’s own experience in Eastern European countries. You should definitely read the tips and recommendations on how to marry an Eastern European woman. It can save you time and money, and help prevent you from having unpleasant experiences when dating Eastern European women.

Do you want to be successful in finding happiness? All tips and advices will save you a lot of time, energy, money and disappointments.

Short description of the authors of the book

Angelina Krok: Graduated from university and has been working as a journalist and editor since 1996. She was born in Ukraine, but currently lives in the United States after she married an American man in 2008.
Ronald Jutte: Founder and owner of the dating agency Datingrussianladies.com. He has experience with dating in Eastern Europe since 2005.Author Ebook

The authors express their gratitude to Daria Riabchenko
for her help in preparing the book for publication.

Details of the E-book

Issue date: 6 April 2013
Authors: Angelina Krok and Ronald Jutte
Content: 58 pages
Language: English
Use: can be printed out for personal use, and opened without the need of a password.
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"For about a year, I am actively searching for a relationship with someone from Eastern Europe. I had during this time, by these varying experiences, many questions and only a few answers. Thence that the e-book of Dating Russian Ladies a very welcome surprise for me was. It has given me many answers to the questions that I had. Actually I found each chapter very useful. And I think the book is very useful for anyone who is looking seriously or who will be looking seriously for a relationship with a Russian woman. The book gives a good insight into cultural differences, backgrounds, matters that you can run into and possibly how to reduce the chance on disappointments. I find the book complete in terms of chapters and it’s pleasant to read. The examples that are described make the book lively. Furthermore, I find it important and very useful that the book is written from the perspective of the Western man as well as the Russian woman. I think the book is highly recommended! Nico"

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