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On February 23, all citizens of Russia celebrate the Defender of the Fatherland Day. They started to celebrate this day during the times of the USSR. In those days February 23 was observed annually as a national holiday - the Day of Soviet Army and Navy. Dedicated to all defenders 23 February is a public holiday that is dedicated to all the defenders of the Fatherland, to those who have devote… Read all

Russian women are the most fragile creatures on the planet, but they possess so much power and strength of spirit. If a woman is young, then she does not notice her age. Her birthday is just another reason to have fun with friends, spend a pleasant evening with a group of acquaintances, and to hear a toast in her honor. This is the only day when all the kind words are just for her. Preparing fo… Read all

Easter is an important Christian holiday affecting the lives of all who believe in it. In Russia, in present times, both the elderly and the young celebrate Easter. It is a yearly celebration that always occurs on Sunday according to the Julian calendar, but the actual date it falls on will change. Many interesting customs and traditions are represented on this day. The Easter holiday, celebrati… Read all

Russia has a diversity of cultures, as it is a multinational state. The republics that Russia consists of have their own culture, traditions, and religion. Cultural environment Cultural environment becomes a key conception of the modern society, which finely describes its cultural and spiritual components. First of all, culture is a result of all past and present cultural activities of the socie… Read all

March 8th is the favorite holiday for all Russian women and girls. A day declared to be a day off and a non-working day. What it means for Russian women This spring day means a lot for Russian women. On March 8th all women and girls expect to be recognized for their femininity. They acknowledge congratulations, wishes of love, happiness and presents. If you wish to show your appreciation, then… Read all