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  Guide for Slavic women For many modern Slavic women the question of a successful marriage with a foreigner and living somewhere far away in a beautiful country remains important enough. But have women put on their thinking cap about this all? Is it worth doing? Of course, there are many positive stories about successful and happy marriages of men and women representing different nationaliti… Read all

Everyone knows that emigration is leaving the country where you were born, where you work. We will consider the emigration as a result of marriage to a citizen of another country. You are doing very well, you are in love and you are reciprocated. But many difficulties are waiting for you before you start living together and enjoy your good fortune. Marriage registration on the territory of Rus… Read all

Life is a very interesting thing! It is really difficult to make a foreign man marry you, if you can see only his photo, if you are acquainted only by letters and a huge distance divides you. But you should not get despaired! All you need is only to believe your partner, to believe your feelings. What should you do to get married? The most common way is talking about your future wedding. You s… Read all

“Happiness is that you show you care and love your partner every day.” But what can be happier than a happy marriage? There is nothing in the world that can compare with the love of an Eastern European woman. If you are lucky enough to be her man, she will do anything to make you happy. If you still are thinking about how you can win the heart of an Eastern European woman, you will want to read o… Read all