With our knowledge and years of experience, we can serve you well in finding your life partner in Eastern Europe. We offer you quality and honest services. By making contacts and communicating directly, you have your life happiness in your own hands.


Payment methods and prices

We offer men two payment options. Our online services may be accessed via credits or membership. Our services are free for women!

Once you have logged in, you may purchase credits, or upgrade your existing account in your User Menu under "Settings". Your credits balance and membership status are located in your User Menu under "Profile".


Would you like to try out the site? Or do you want to use the site when it suits you? Then the use of credits is ideal for you.

If I opt for credits, how many credits do I have to pay then for each service?
• Each 'Interest' you send to a lady cost 1 credit, receiving and opening an 'Interest' is for free.
• Each letter you send to or open from a lady costs 5 credits (incl. automatic translation) or 9 credits (incl. professional translation).
• Each virtual gift costs 3 or 5 credits.
• Adding a chat partner costs 125 credits. You can chat or video chat for unlimited time with your chat partner. In a chat and video chat, it is also possible to exchange contact details.

Buy credits

Credits can be purchased on the basis of the following quantities and prices:
25 credits   à EUR 12 / USD 13 ------> (per credit EUR 0,48 / USD 0.52)
50 credits   à EUR 22 / USD 24 ------> (per credit EUR 0,44 / USD 0.48)
75 credits   à EUR 30 / USD 33 ------> (per credit EUR 0,40 / USD 0.44)
100 credits à EUR 38 / USD 42 ------> (per credit EUR 0,38 / USD 0.42)
150 credits à EUR 54 / USD 59 ------> (per credit EUR 0,36 / USD 0.39)
200 credits à EUR 68 / USD 75 ------> (per credit EUR 0,34 / USD 0.37)
250 credits à EUR 81 / USD 89 ------> (per credit EUR 0,32 / USD 0.35)
500 credits à EUR 154 / USD 170 ---> (per credit EUR 0,31 / USD 0.34)


Would you like to make the best use of all online services? Are you planning to use the site regularly and do you want to save costs? A membership would then be ideal for you.

What is included standard in each membership?
Unlimited access to all communication services and tools without purchasing credits!
• Sending and opening 'Interests’;
• Sending and opening messages (automatic translation is included);
• Sending and receiving virtual gifts;
• SMS notification of a received message (optional);
• Inviting ladies to become your chat partner;
• Unlimited chat and video chat with your chat partner;
• In a chat and video chat, it is also possible to exchange contact details. And the use of our translation tool throughout the chat to help translate your conversations.

Membership 'Standard' (including automatic translation):

Buy a membership 'Standard'

30 days for EUR 98 / USD 108 ------> (per 30 days EUR 98 / USD 108)
60 days for EUR 158 / USD 174 ------> (per 30 days EUR 79 / USD 87)
120 days for EUR 252 / USD 276 ------> (per 30 days EUR 63 / USD 69)

Membership 'Pro' (including professional translation):
For optimal communication, our professional translator translates all messages from English to Russian and vice versa.

Buy a membership 'Pro'

30 days for EUR 168 / USD 185 ------> (per 30 days EUR 168 / USD 185)

The membership fee is made in a single, non-recurring payment that may be renewed before its expiration date if you so choose. This extension will take effect once the original ending date has passed, so no time is "lost" due to early renewal.

If your membership expires, you will lose membership status, but retain all of your contacts and messages. An expired membership can be renewed at any future time and will continue to maintain your previously-noted information.

Means of payment

We accept: Mastercard, Discover, JCB, PayPal, Ideal, Bancontact, EPS, KBC/CBC, Belfius, and Giropay.

All prices that are on our website are including VAT and no additional fees will be charged.


Establishing contacts

Once you signed up with us you can use our services. You get your own profile and account which you control fully and where your privacy is protected. You can find suitable ladies in our database and then you can quickly get in contact and communicate directly with the ladies.

Favorites, fans, and matches

You can add your favorite lady to your favorites by clicking the button ‘Add to favorites’ on her profile page. You can easily find your favorites back in your list of favorites in your users’ menu. Conversely, you can see on your fan page the ladies that added you as a favorite to their lists. Your list of favorites and fan page do not only come in handy, they moreover are a great aid in matching! Because mutual favorites are made visible as a match by a little red heart in your favorites and fans overview. So be active with adding your favorites and look regularly whether you have a match. If you’d wish to learn more about matching, read our page ‘Matching a Russian lady’.

Send an interest

With the 'Send interest' you can find out in a quick and direct way whether your interest is mutual or not. It works like this, you go to the profile page of the lady in whom you are interested. You click on the button 'Send interest' and then submit. Your interest will then go directly to the lady without the need to be translated. This interest will be visible for the lady when she opens her received messages. The lady in her turn can answer this with a 'Send Interest' when she will go to your profile page and will select the appropriate answer. If it appears that the lady is also interested in you, then you can proceed by sending her a 'Send message' so that you will get a chance to know her better.

Send a message

Despite any physical distance, you can get to know each other a lot better in very little time. You can do that by exchanging messages, in which you both learn more about each other. When there is a match, then you can invite the lady for a personal meeting.

The service 'Send message' works like this, you go to the profile page of the lady of your choice, where you click on the 'Send message' button, then you write your letter in your preferred language and send it. If you choose for the automatic translation machine, your message will be translated immediately after sending free of charge. If in spite of this, there is still a language barrier in communication, this is no problem at all. You can write your message in English and our professional translator will translate it for you in Russian.

The service 'Send message' has the advantage that it allows you to discover whether your personal motives, interests, and characters could be a good match. In addition, the first date can be a little easier after you have made contact.

Send a virtual gift

Do you think about how to conquer the heart of the most unapproachable lady? You may want to start with a small gift? All women like the attention and your beloved one is no exception. So why not give her this pleasure and send her, for example, a virtual flower? It is a trifle at first sight, but it is always going to be with her that's why pleasant thoughts about you are guaranteed for her! One click and you will be forever in the thoughts of your beloved!

Chat and video chat

By adding a chat partner, you can chat and video chat 1 on 1 unlimited with your favorite lady! Chat and video chat is the ultimate way of getting to know each other better on distance. You can decide better if you would like to meet her or not. You can save yourself time and an expensive trip if it appears that there is unfortunately not a match between you both.

In a chat and video chat, it is also possible to exchange contact details and to arrange a meeting with her, so you have it more in your own hands. You can communicate freely and language barriers do not have to be present. Because in the chat it is, for example, possible to translate the text automatically. In our Chat help you can read much more information about this service.


You can buy as many services as you want, but if you, for example, do not know how to conquer the heart of a Russian lady or how you should deal with cultural differences or how you can find your happiness and build a lasting relationship, then the chance is much smaller that you will be successful. It needs no further argument to indicate that it is a must to read this book for every man who is interested in a lady from Eastern Europe. Discover the secrets in our E-book 'Finding your Eastern European wife. The path to marital bliss.'.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ page. If you haven't found the answer you were looking for on our website, then you can send us a message through the 'Contact us' page.
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Natalia - representative in Eastern Europe
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