How does a Russian woman know if a man loves her

Very often a Russian woman is confused about whether a man loves her or not, and how serious his feelings are. Maybe he just has a good time with her, and does not have any feelings towards her, does he?

Of course, women's love is unconditionally stronger and more emotional, with a grain of care and faithfulness, than man's love. And such love Russian women expect to get in reply. But a man's love is different and each of them speaks about love in his own way.

Undoubtedly, any man can say what a woman wants to hear, but only one who really attaches importance to what has been said will make that his actions are confirmed by words. So what signs can indicate that a man really loves a woman?
There are several signs with the help of which it can be clear.

Deeds and attitude towards a woman

Man's and woman's love can be shown in different ways, but nothing will indicate it better than actions by a person. Therefore, if a Russian woman wants to be convinced of the sincerity of her partner's feelings, then the first thing she should pay attention to is his deeds and attitude towards her.

In so doing, you shouldn't forget that women and men perceive the world individually, based on their own and long ago established beliefs in society. Therefore, it's necessary to try to evaluate the actions by a beloved man from his position, but not from a point of view from which a woman herself would act in the situation if she were him. Perhaps, her man doesn't undertake those decisive actions that a woman lacks in a relationship because he considers them to be a manifestation of his weakness.

Plans for further life together

The thoughts about further life together is the most obvious sign of the fact that a man is serious about a Russian woman and intends to spend the rest of his life with her. And if he also shares his dreams and ideas about that forthcoming life, when they will have children - then this man loves a woman for sure!

Status of a beloved woman for all friends

Another evidence of a man's love is the recognition of a woman as his soulmate. If a man really loves, then he will certainly position these relations as serious and will speak about it in everyone's hearing.

A man will introduce a woman to the others as his woman. In other words, she will have an official status which is beyond the scope of “this is my girlfriend” or just of the presentation by name. It means that he sees a woman in a long-term relationship with him, considers her to be his lady, is proud that they are together, and says this to people who are important to him.

Acquaintance with parents and family

When a man loves a woman, he wants her to become a part of his life, and acquaints her with his family and friends. The acquaintance with parents is a very important step which is dared by a man only if he is sure that he has mutual and serious feelings with a woman. Therefore, a Russian woman should take his suggestion to get acquainted with his family as another evidence of love.

The woman is an inseparable part of the man

Before the meeting, a man and a woman were separate individuals and each of them had an own life. But now they are a team and when a man loves, then he considers a woman to be his inseparable part. It means they will visit important events and have rest together, planning the common future.

He will also show a woman where he lives and works, will try to accustom her to his hobby as this will allow him to spend more time with his beloved woman, and just every loving man seeks this. A man wants a woman to be there where he is, so does she. The matter is now not about his life but about the life together, he wants it to be his continuation, and includes a woman in the important events and stages of his life.

The man tries to give more than to take

Real love means to give and to further a partner's life. A man, who loves, will take care of a Russian woman, respect her, listen and adore her. A good relationship is not to give and receive, but rather to give and give again.

Desire and aspiration to understand a woman

A man, who loves, will always pay attention to small things related to a woman that others don't notice. He will get to know what things please a woman, upset, anger or evoke her delight. Such understanding helps him to love a woman even more.

Happiness of woman is also his happiness!

When a man really loves a woman, he takes part in her happiness and proposes her his help and strength to alleviate her sufferings, if there is any. Love means being a team in which everyone supports each other.

A man, who loves, wants to see his woman happy and will try to do his best for this. He will know what flowers a woman loves and will regularly make her happy with bouquets. The same concerns sweets, favorite restaurants, movies. He won't be ashamed to arrange a romantic surprise for his beloved woman, to cook a delicious dinner and pleasantly surprise her. He will be happy if his woman is happy.

To be at the woman's side in difficult moments of life

Life is not always joyful and there are difficulties and sorrows from time to time. Any man can be at a woman's side when everything is fine, but a real proof of love happens in difficult times. It's a very significant moment in the relationship.

Care and support

A loving man won't allow a woman to beg him for money. He will support her with everything necessary and will respond to any of her requests. However, to support doesn't mean to bring only money. This care will be manifested in small things: to pack a lunch for work in a bag, to massage after a hard day, to feed deliciously, to throw a jacket over her when it's rather cold, to take care of a woman when she is ill. A man, who loves a woman, at any time of the day will help her both morally and financially and will be happy to demonstrate to her a desire to be at her side.

Protection in aspiration to help

Protection is not necessarily the use of physical strength against someone who harms a woman. It can be some valuable advice or desire to help with something which seems to him to be unsafe for a Russian woman. This includes the solution of some problems, for example, the domestic ones: a broken tap in the house, a blown light bulb, a broken computer or an urgent need to meet relatives in the airport. A man, who loves, doesn't even need to be asked for help, he is always happy to facilitate the life of a beloved woman.

If he loves - he lets her know about it!

We must admit that men love in a different way, and their love often fits into these three categories: care, protection and support. When a man really loves a woman - he lets her know about it. He makes efforts and confirms his words with actions, so a Russian woman won't have to get lost in guesses about his feelings, he will say or show it himself.

There is no need for any knowledge of psychology to be sure about the sincerity of a man's feelings, since there are signs which show that a man really loves, that a woman herself can notice in everyday life. The only thing a woman needs for this is observation and patience.
Take care of your love, observe, trust and be happy!


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