My name is Ronald, owner of this dating site. In this story, me and my beloved one Natalia, we want to reveal our success story to you. It may inspire you and help you to find your soulmate. First, Natalia will tell her story and then I will tell you mine of how I met Natalia, my dream woman.

The story of Natalia

My name is Natalia and I want to share my story with you to inspire you and tell you that dreams really come true, you never need to give up and you need to believe that one day you will meet someone with whom you will look in the same direction, as happened with me.

It all started with the simplest thing, I registered on this dating site Dating Russian Ladies, which my friend mentioned. There are many dating sites on the Internet, but it was this site that inspired my confidence when I first opened it. After reading the "About Us" section, the team of the site looked at me with their kind eyes from the monitor of my computer, instilling hope that everything will be fine.

To be honest, I didn't expect to meet someone on a dating site, it was just like entertainment. A few months later, a man named Ronald wrote to me, and we started a correspondence. I remember how Ronald sent me a virtual gift with a bouquet of flowers and it was very nice))

Then one month later, he decided to visit me in my hometown of Minsk, it was at the beginning of December 2017. I met him in front of the hotel, and we went for a walk around the city, he gave me flowers. We spent some great days, talking and walking around the city. Every day he gave me flowers, we talked about different things, had dinners in restaurants, it was unforgettable and romantic!

At first, I took it as a game, I thought that he would leave and everyone would live their own lives. I didn't expect anything serious to happen.

But this story has a sequel… We began to communicate often, correspond with each other. The place of our meetings was the city of Vilnius, so it was convenient for both of us to get to it. We started seeing each other every two months and getting to know each other more and more. We can say that the city of Vilnius is our second hometown. Then we began to spend the holidays together and make plans for the future. I also visited him several times in Holland.

One day Ronald asked me what my dream was, and I said I wanted to live in my own house and have a family. And you won't believe it – Ronald bought a big house a few months later, not far from the city where I live. It turns out that this was also his dream!

We have been together for several years now, we have developed a trusting relationship, we continue to support and help each other. And although we currently live and work in different cities, we really hope that soon we will live together in a new home!

I wish you the fulfillment of your true desires, as it happened to me. Believe, dream, take a step forward, and you will definitely succeed!



The story of Ronald

It happened at the end of 2017 when I met Natalia. I met her on my own dating site. I noticed Natalia’s profile and she was interesting to me. I paid attention to her by sending her a virtual gift, which she appreciated very much. We started to communicate and after we exchanged some letters, we made the next step. We started to chat and video chat frequently and it was always very easy and pleasant for me to communicate with her. After some weeks we agreed to meet with each other in her city Minsk. When we first met, I gave her flowers, and she was very touched, and it was nice to look into her glowing eyes. Natalia showed me her city, it was nice to see it, the people appeared to be very friendly, her city is clean and it was pleasant to be there. I always felt comfortable spending time with Natalia. She turned out to be a very nice and pleasant woman to me and a woman with whom I connect very well.

So the acquaintance went very well and we made plans to meet each other again. We began to see each other more often, I went several times to her city and we had also several trips to other countries. Our meetings were always pleasant, we got to know each other better and better, we liked each other more and more and our relationship developed further. We shared many things with each other, we understood each other, respect each other, we had also much joy together and gradually our communication developed into deeper feelings.

Now 3,5 years later, we can say that it still is. All this time, we had contact with each other every day, we had many meetings, and that we made plans for the future. We became soulmates and loved ones of each other. We chose for each other and we want to have a common future together. And we have plans to marry each other. That is why we bought a house in her country where we can live together in the future. Once the house is finished and we are ready for it, then I will make the step to emigrate to her. So we believe that this turned into something lasting and that we will be happy together.

We wish everyone to find their loved one and their happiness.

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