The vast majority of Russian women like gifts just for the very fact of their existence. Therefore, women eagerly await the holidays to enjoy the very process of obtaining the long-awaited colorful boxes with bows. At the same time, more than 80% of Russian women prefer gifts-surprises.

Of course, for each woman it's necessary to choose a strictly individual gift, according to her lifestyle, her hobbies and her age. However, the general rules for choosing are the following: it should be original, surely necessary and, above all, presented from the heart. Let's consider this subject in detail.

Gift meaning and its design

Any foreign man wants to surprise a Russian woman very much. Well, the first thing he should do is to get to know unobtrusively what his woman is interested in and what she dreams about. For this it may just be necessary to go with a woman to a shopping center and to watch what she pays particular attention to and what she fixes her eyes on.

In addition to the very sign of attention, the gift and the meaning which it brings are still important for a woman. Therefore, the thing that a man will present as a gift will be considered from many perspectives. And which ones?

A woman can glance over the gift and understand how long a man had been choosing the gift and how much time and efforts he has spent on it. As by packaging and style of design a woman can understand all these little things. If a gift is bought in a specialized shop, it's stylized according to the subject matter of the evening, and the packaging design also creates a halo of mystery, a woman will just be delighted. And if a souvenir has been bought «for any woman», then a man may not expect to see special positive emotions.

Also, the gift should be individual and chosen by a man, but not by his mother, brother, sister or secretary. The surprise should be carefully thought out, so that not only a woman rejoices from the received emotions but also a man as all his efforts will be rewarded in full with the woman's favor and reciprocity. A man should take care of the beautiful design of a gift and present it gracefully and solemnly. As 80% of the positive impressions from the gift is a memorable moment of presentation. It's important to remember this!

And even if a man doubts whether a woman likes his gift or not, he will certainly achieve the desired result, preparing some original presentation ceremony and using a little imagination.

Gift according to the way of life of a Russian woman

Modern foreign men may not limit themselves to flowers, sweets and cosmetics. It's banal, boring and trite. It's necessary to show a little imagination!

Of course, if a man dates a romantic woman, then such a lady will appreciate a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Since many women associate flowers with something natural, light and romantic. It can be, for example, a gentle bouquet or even flowers in a pot will be nice. And if such a bouquet is accompanied with beautiful words then no woman will resist such a gift.

A man who dates a Russian business lady should understand that a good present can be a gift which matches her style and way of life. A business woman will appreciate a quality leather wallet or a fashionable leather bag which will become not only a stylish business accessory but also a feminine attribute of the image. A man can also present her an original diary or an expensive set of writing accessories. These things are always important, multifunctional and perfectly fit into her business lifestyle.

A business woman will also be touched to the innermost of her heart if a man shows her not only attention but also care. A man can present her a good umbrella with sincere, warm wishes and in that way he takes care of her comfort when the weather is rainy. There won't be anything equal to his gift!

A woman who prefers doing sports, healthy food and follows an active lifestyle will be happy, for example, to get a calorie counter which is so necessary in everyday and sports life. A sports bag will also be a good choice. As each woman, who attends the gym, needs a bag which would contain her sports uniform, towel, jogging shoes and other important things for training. She will be crazy about such a useful gift!

Also, wireless headphones are an ideal gift for women who do sports at the gym or who regularly run. They are light, resistant to moisture and specially developed to be with their owner under any circumstances. And, of course, what could be better than a book? If a woman is fond of healthy food, a man can present her a thematic book about the most interesting ideas of a healthy lifestyle.

Also, a foreign man should remember that many women in Russia have already children by the age of 30, so they devote much time to housekeeping and creating comfort. A man can help a woman with this in the original way if he presents something from household or kitchen appliances because something is always missing in every household. A set of original bedclothes, a beautiful set of glasses or cups for the reception of guests won't be an unnecessary thing.

Original gifts

The original gifts, which were carefully selected and thought out, will cause a great surprise and joy of Russian women. For each woman a man can choose something original, an unforgettable gift. What could that be?

Quality literature is considered to be an original gift. Nowadays the education level plays an important role in human life, and smart books are not a cheap hobby. If a Russian woman prefers books to the computer, then a man is lucky as his gifts will always be joy. Books are still on the list of the most desired gifts for clever and creative women of Russia.

If a man doesn't have much time to choose a gift, then his attention can be stopped on a gift certificate which gives a woman the right to choose, and she will receive exactly what she wanted for a long time. What kind of certificate a man can choose? It can be driving courses, a dance subscription, a photography course, English, painting or cooking.

Also a trip on a huge balloon, a walk on a yacht or a great opportunity to enjoy a photo shooting in a professional studio will become an unforgettable adventure. If your lady loves extreme sports, she will be very happy to receive a certificate for a parachute jump or flight on a hang glider as a gift.

But a man should be careful with original gifts. When a relationship with a woman is just in the process of its development, then a man shouldn't present her underclothes because, first of all, their tastes may cardinally differ, and, secondly, it can be estimated as a clumsy hint. It's better to hold such gifts for a later time.

Gift without reason

No reason is needed to please a woman. Each man, who has ever been in love, knows this. However, it's desirable for a man to approach even a choice of a gift without reason with responsibility and to remember that such a gift shouldn't be a hint of anything. Its goal is just to give a good mood, make happy or cheer up the addressee.

What should you best present to a Russian woman for no particular reason? First of all, a foreign man needs to decide on the amount that he is willing to spend on a gift, and only after that to start his search. The first thing which crosses the mind is why not to present a perfume? No woman can resist such a gift. And if a man is also knows that his woman is running out of her favorite perfume, then he can stop his search. A man just needs to go to the perfume shop and to buy her favorite aroma.

The second reliable option of the gift without reason is just to spend time together. A man can invite a woman to a theater or a cinema and to get a lot of fun. Another great option is a visit to a restaurant with colorful multi-colored fireworks after dinner. Such a gift, of course, will cost money, but should a man save money on his beloved woman?

If a woman likes stylish accessories, beautiful adornments, stuffed toys or original figurines, then it's not difficult at all to find something that will make her happy as a gift, which takes into account the woman's preferences, is the most desired surprise.

Well, and if a man likes to make something with his hands, then there is nothing easier than to please a beloved woman with handicrafts, souvenirs or necessary things for home made by a man. It's not so difficult. The main things are desire, imagination and patience! In general, any gifts cause a lot of positive emotions and put in a good mood, even if they only do so for a short time. In fact, a gift presented without any reason is needed just for this.

So! A man just has to try to feel his woman, to understand and to divine what she wants right now. Then the gifts will be really useful and appropriate. At the same time, a foreign man shouldn't be afraid to experiment with gifts and surprises because only in this way a man can find the right way to the heart of a Russian beauty!

It's not so difficult to learn to surprise a Russian woman. A man just has to make unusual, memorable deeds and to present original gifts. But the most important thing is that a man shouldn't forget to do this with love.
Love and be loved!


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