Love knows no boundaries and distances – and it is true. People more often try online dating in the modern world. And dating agencies that help thousands of singles find love, play an important role.

Agencies provide services based on the individuality of each person, age, psychological mood and personal wishes. Women apply to dating agencies in order to find a husband abroad. Surprisingly, it is possible to find a foreign husband within 2-3 months.

If you have decided to marry a foreigner, you need to be attentive to our recommendations that will help you when moving abroad.

Learn about each other

So, it happened – a Russian woman is in love with a foreign man. Communicating with him brings up a lot of positive emotions, but sooner or later she needs to decide if she is ready to move abroad and turn her life around by marrying a foreigner.

So, the most important thing is not to hurry, and before she makes her final decision to marry a foreign man, she should get to know him. A woman should avoid impulsive actions without understanding that this man is right for her.

A Russian woman needs to communicate with her future husband on the phone, on Skype as often as possible. She should understand that the better they get to know each other, the less chance of disappointment after moving abroad.

Live without formal marriage for a few months

Russian women often think that they will solve all their problems by getting married and moving abroad, and they will feel more comfortable in a new country. But this is a fallacy! Sometimes it is better to live there for a while in order to make sure her decision is right.

Also, as an option, a woman can invite her future husband in Russia for a week. He also needs to learn about important features of Russian culture in order to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Is he in love or a sex tourist?

Sadly enough, communication with foreign men not always ends well. Unfortunately, the acquaintance with a foreigner can lead to things she did not expect.

Nowadays, many foreign men are interested in Russian beauties. But! Sometimes the end is very sad – women could fall into the hands of sex tourists. How can they protect themselves from this deception?

First, a Russian woman should not invite a man to stay at her place. Because, she does not know him very well and bringing a stranger into her place is not a good idea. That is why, it is better if he will live in a hotel or rented apartment. A good man will try to understand this and never be offended.

Second, a woman needs to be attentive and remember that she should not spend money on her guest and pay for him. He should pay for all necessary services himself. Also, there is no need to radically change plans, skip or quit a job because of his arrival. It is better to find the right time for meeting when they both are free.

A woman does not have to cook all day in order to impress a man by her culinary talents. A Russian woman just needs to communicate, walk, go to restaurants and feel attractive. Meanwhile, she may let him pay for her or they can halve all expenses, but she should not pay for two.

A woman needs to take a closer look at a man, his behavior and tendency to look at other women. Of course, it is men's nature, but if a man is really interested in her, he will not think about other women, especially, at the beginning of a relationship. There is no need to be shy to ask an identification document. That is fine in our time because women should always be aware of their own safety.

It is also important to ask about his life, habits, family, children and previous wives. She can clarify all details. And if something seems suspicious to her, she should start thinking and be careful. Because, unfortunately, foreign sex tourists lie to decent women and play games with them. They are not interested in women of easy virtue, because of the absence of excitement.

Are foreigners faithful husbands?

We will next consider the theme related to fidelity. Some Russian women expect to have not only material things and a comfortable life but also a faithful husband. Because, there is a perception that foreigners are less inclined to infidelity than Russian men.

Foreign men have a completely different mentality and upbringing, they prioritize traditional family values. It is considered that, in western societies, it is not customary to cheat on wives, and they brag much less to friends about their conquests. Because, friends will not understand and judge them, while in Russia such bragging is normal and common.

However, you should not be happy about that in advance! Many times, foreign men just have little opportunity to cheat on their wives. For most foreigners, the thought of an office romance is unacceptable because they may be charged with sexual harassment at work and ruin their life and career. There are no barriers like that to Russian men, and they do not really hide their extramarital activities.

Actually, there are also a lot of loving and faithful men in Russia, as well as men who will always cheat on their wives. It comes down to luck. In order to get lucky, a Russian woman should always listen to her head and heart!

Life abroad: to sit at home or work?

Let us look to the future and assume that a Russian woman met a foreign man, he proposed to her and she accepted this. However, before marriage, a woman should think carefully about what she is going to do abroad and if her plans are completely in line with her future husband’s plans.

If a Russian woman dreams about lying on a couch doing nothing and her husband is ready to support this way of life and pay for it, then there is no problem. But in this case, a woman can get bored. But if she would think about a language barrier, the absence of relatives and friends, she can even get depressed.

There is a way – to go to work. But, first, a woman should deal with the issue of a foreign language. She can attend language courses, hire a tutor or learn it on her own. The better she knows a foreign language, the greater the chance is of finding a job.

If you cannot find an interesting and high-paying job, it is wise to accept a job where you will earn a lower wage, even if you think you deserve more than that. But it is better to work than be unemployed. The most reliable way is to first find a job and then move abroad.

Problems of emigration

So, to sum up, to get married to a foreigner and move abroad is not complicated. Unfortunately, marriage to a foreign man is not always a fairy tale. Everything around is strange: a language, people, traditions.

1. The first problem is a language.
There is no need to delude herself that Russian people are everywhere and she will find someone to talk to. In order to feel comfortable a Russian woman should know at least English, but also the language of the country where she is going to live. That is why, it is going to be a lot of work.

2. The second problem is friends.
A foreign husband will definitely have friends. But it will be not easy for a woman to find new friends in another country. Of course, maybe she will get lucky and her husband's friends will try to accept her just the way she is, but they will not change their lifestyle. That is why, a Russian woman has to adapt to them.

3. The third problem is laws and traditions.
Each country has its own customs, traditions and laws which should never be violated. That is why, a Russian woman should constantly learn about that country's culture, traditions, customs, history, geography, etiquette rules and mentality.

4. The fourth problem is another locality.
Many questions arise: Where to go? How to find a store? Where does that bus go? It would be nice if her husband showed her everything. Otherwise, a Russian woman should scout a new territory on her own.

5. The fifth problem is a job.
Practice shows that housewives who live abroad feel comfortable. But if a woman wants to work she will face difficulties – learning a language, certifying her formal study and adapting to her new occupation.

6. The sixth problem is a complete dependence.
A woman will be very attached to her foreign husband. Besides him, she will have no one to talk to and she will not be able to go outside independently. He can be the only source of income.

Of course, if a woman is smart and confident, it will be not so difficult to overcome all those challenges. But there is no need to make hasty decisions without thinking. If a woman is independent and can take care of herself in another country, she can safely go with her beloved. And if it does not work, then she can always go back. But if a woman does not have money even for return ticket, she needs to ask herself – does she not sell herself into slavery? Will she be able to come home?
It would be a good idea to get acquainted with new residence rules and organizations that will help in difficult moments.

After weighing the pros and cons

If after weighing the pros and cons, a Russian woman came to the conclusion that she could be happy with this foreign man, then so be it. Why not? But, after marriage to a foreigner she should always be ready to some misunderstandings because of a completely different mentality. However, true love can overcome any problem.
We wish you all luck and love!


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