Emigration from Russia to Europe

It is well known that people live differently in different countries. This concerns not only traditions and cultural sensitivities but also living standards as a whole. People have long been used to the fact that life is better in certain countries, and they want to move to these countries for permanent residence.

Unfortunately, Russia is presently facing a difficult economic situation. Consequently, a lot of Russian people are interested in moving to Europe. This gives them the opportunity to begin a new life. Let us consider the definition of emigration and advantages of living in EU countries.

Emigration and immigration – what is the difference?

Both terms are related to the movement of people from one country to another for permanent residence. Immigration is the process by which people enter a country in order to live there permanently. That is to say, this term always has the preposition “to.” For example, “immigration to Europe.” Emigration is the act of leaving one's resident country with intent to settle elsewhere. That is why, emigration is always “from.” For example, “emigration from Russia.”

Advantages of living in EU countries

All EU countries are economically developed. EU countries offer stability, a high level of salary and employment opportunities. That is why people make a decision to move to these countries in order to guarantee a bright future for their children, a future with the best quality of medical care and education, and a great attitude towards emigrants from Russia and CIS countries. So let us consider the main advantages of emigration from Russia to EU countries.

Primary considerations must include high-quality medical care, social guarantees, science and educational level. In fact, European education has been recognized as one of the best in the world! EU countries also offer well-developed infrastructure, political stability, high salaries and the opportunity of starting a business. All of these benefits are the factors that provide the necessary support to residents.

Europe is known for its high unemployment benefits, but it should be pointed out that not everyone gets this. Europe is also famous for low housing costs and support programs for young families.

It is also important to note the high level of safety standards in EU countries, including not only the crime rates statistics, but also the sense of security among all inhabitants. Immigration to Europe is far better than to America because there are more opportunities to visit families and friends in Russia. Also the climate in Europe is similar to the climate in Russia, and no problems should arise from acclimatization.

Difficulties and specificities of moving to Europe

Moving to Europe is a long and difficult process, which depends on many different factors. First, it is the desire of a person to immigrate. If a person does not have this desire, it will be difficult to adapt to a new environment.

It is necessary to consider the costs of moving to Europe from Russia. Relocation and receiving of permanent residence in Europe require large financial investments. That is why a person has to find inexpensive options when choosing a country.

Moving to a new place, especially to a new country, is an individual decision for each person. Many factors play an important part in the decision - for example, a language barrier, education, employment, age and much more. If a person is highly qualified, it will be easy to find a job. However, if you are a teacher of Russian, you will likely have to retrain for other activities. There are many nuances, and the decision requires careful thought before moving.

How to immigrate to Europe?

There are several ways to move to Europe. It can be business immigration, family immigration, marriage, business trip, education or political refuge.

Emigration from Russia to Europe is much easier than to other countries of the world. All EU countries are considered wealthy with a high standard of living. The cultural heritage of Europe is rich and diverse. Europe is the only place in the world with so many museums, art galleries and monuments which charm from the first sight. These countries have great locations, good climate and a well-developed tourism industry.

After receiving permanent residence, an emigrant will become an equal citizen. He will have the same rights and responsibilities as EU citizens, however a Russian person does not have the right to take part in local elections.

The most popular immigration countries

The popular countries of Western Europe include Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Northern European countries include Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The most popular countries in Southern Europe are Spain, Italy, Portugal, Montenegro and Slovenia. And the countries of Eastern Europe which are popular among Russians are the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Special conditions for immigrants

Paperwork for moving to Europe takes a lot of time and energy. If the decision to move to Europe is made, you have to be prepared for overcoming challenges. For example, in France, it is necessary to have a great knowledge of the French language and history.

If your choice is Eastern Europe it will be a little easier. Proximity of this region to Russia makes it more accessible. There is no need to know the foreign language perfectly because Slavic languages are very similar. As a result, it will not take as much time to master a foreign language. Moreover, the cost of living in Eastern Europe is cheaper than in Western Europe. However, everyone needs to understand that the economy of Eastern Europe is less developed.

Many Russians want to move to Spain. At first glance, it is the largest country in Southern Europe with many opportunities and perspectives. However, it can be said that this country is for wealthy people, and those who wish to move to Spain must be realistic about their desires and the possibilities of living there.

In order to obtain an immigration permit to settle permanently in Spain, a Russian immigrant should have enough money. This is essential so that a person has everything that he needs at the beginning. Also, in order to obtain a residence permit in Spain, purchase of a real property is an important consideration. In order to live there for the rest of his life, a Russian person must purchase a house. This is a big disadvantage.

However, if a person wants to emigrate from Russia to Austria, purchasing an apartment will not guarantee obtaining a residence permit. It is just one of the conditions for receiving documents. Besides, before buying a property in Austria, it is necessary to obtain a special permit from local authorities.

Business immigration to Europe

Business immigration is a great opportunity to move to Europe. It offers major opportunities to extend and promote a personal business. Of course, every European country welcomes all investors who are willing to invest money in the country's development, but it is worth noting that an emigrant is not allowed to invest more than 15 million euro.

In order to find suitable work with a good salary in European countries, a Russian person should make every possible effort. Before emigration from Russia to Europe, it is necessary to consider all possible options. Medical and technical professionals and also laborers will find a job with ease. Seasonal workers are always required in many European countries. In any case, an emigrant will never be out of a job.

Immigration to Europe is much easier than people think! That is why you do not have to be afraid of making a fresh start! Good luck!


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