Is the age of the partner important?

Many people think about the question regarding a partner's age. This question doesn’t seem to matter once we fall in love. It is at this time that age is unimportant, and love will conquer all.

The man should be older

Wise Chinese people derived a formula that determines the age of the partner, and the man should be older. The question is how much older. An ideal age of a woman is calculated as follows: age of a man, divide by two, and add 8 years. For example, if a man is 36 years old, the age of a woman has to be 36/2 + 8 = 26 years. This calculation tends to bring a smile to a many people, but we will not blame the ancient Chinese.

We plan our life

We try to plan our lives according to a certain timeline: delivery of a child, study, work, career, house. There are even people who plan when they will get married. But love comes unexpectedly. It is when emotions overwhelm the mind and force us to make hasty decisions. It allows us to be taken over by happiness and bliss.

Russian women just want to get married

Russian girls and women pursue happiness. They want to create a family with a cozy home. They are looking subconsciously for the significant other, a person to love. It is not a secret that women initially are looking for a partner who has a nice appearance. However, they just want to get married the older they become, if they are unlucky finding love. They get married just like everyone else and want to have a baby. Sometimes life may go without love and happiness.

Youth does to pass

It is true happiness for Russian women when they have a family. And men are looking sometimes more for a partner with an attractive appearance who they can show off to guests at house parties. Youth does tend to pass over the years, and love, respect and affection will live forever. When you are truly in love, it makes your partner feel and look happy and beautiful not only for you but also for others.

This is a game

It is important to distinguish those women who are looking for a serious relationship, and those who are just playing a game with you. If an 18-year old girl is interested in a 60-year old man, then obviously there is more of a game. It is doubtful she is looking for a serious relationship.

A Russian woman wants happiness

In real life a Russian woman wants happiness, family, and true love. Older women (who have gained experience in previous relationships) are looking for their happiness abroad. They expect to find their fate, happiness, hope and support out of the country.

Initially, a Russian woman is looking for an experienced, responsible, reliable man who could care for and love her. She is looking to be an attentive housewife, a good mother, and a caring and loving wife.

A relationship is a mystery

A relationship between a man and a woman is tends to be a mystery. We can never predict its development. It is difficult to understand how these people decided to unite their lives and nothing stood in their way. The distance between them, the different social statuses and interest, and the age difference never seemed to be a distraction. A relationship with real love as its foundation leads to marriage and an age barrier will be unimportant.

Here you can meet your women

We are waiting for such men on our website, those who will appreciate and kindly love a Russian woman. There are women of different ages and social status to meet. Men need to know if a woman writes to them then she is interested and looking for you to respond. She is hoping to find a man to support and love her. It is important to not deprive yourself or her of this opportunity to meet and find each other.

Good luck! Your true love is waiting for you!

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