Congratulate your lady

Love is the most beautiful feeling. If you have found your match made in heaven, an exquisite Russian woman, then why not express your true feelings by sending her flowers. It’s true that words can touch her inner soul, but only a beautiful bouquet of flowers can brighten her day and make her heart beat faster.

When you fall head over heels in love with a Russian woman, but you are unable to meet her face-to-face any time soon due to the distance, then a gift can help to make the distance seem shorter. A special gift sent to your beloved lady, whom you found on our website, will be a welcome surprise. Your charm will definitely impress her and put a smile on her face.

Send flowers to your beloved woman

You are lucky to be acquainted with a charming Russian woman so why not send her a bouquet of flowers unexpectedly and show her how sincere you are. All women around the world love surprises and this is true even more with Russian women. This gesture will show her how much you care and are thinking about her even with the distance between you.

Delivery service

Our delivery service offers a wide selection of gifts for your woman. They include a wonderful bouquet of red roses that symbolizes love and passion, and a box of chocolates or sweets that can lift her spirits and make her happy. You can also express your feelings with words, as we include a greeting card with each gift. A picture will be taken of her receiving the gift and sent to the both of you to help remember this special day.

Special requests

If you wish to send a gift that is not on our list, then we can still try to make a special delivery and accommodate your personal request. We will be happy to help figure out what you are looking to get and present it to your lady. It will be our pleasure to try to assist you in making this delivery to your lovely woman.

Quick and safe delivery service

We offer a quick and safe delivery service to you. It’s important that your gift be delivered on time especially for a special holiday like New Year’s or Valentine’s Day. It is our promise that your beautiful woman is holding your special gift and you both receive a memorable photo of when it happens.

Choose the best gift for her

You are welcome to choose a charming gift for your Russian woman, according to your tastes, and place your order through the ‘contact us’ page. Please provide the following information: the order number and name of the present, and the name and id number of the lucky woman who will receive it. In addition, a short and pleasant note written from you (up to 100 characters) will be a nice inclusion that can deeply touch her heart. It is without a doubt that she will appreciate your special attention and how much you care.

After you have made the order, we will confirm it and deduct the credits manually from your account (credits balance). Total amount of credits include: delivery costs (for most cities), a special note for the lady, and the photo.

Note: We will notify you in advance if the delivery costs are higher than what is included. For example, if the lady lives in a remote village. In this case, you can decide whether you will bear the expense or not. If not, we will cancel the order, free of charge.


No. 1                                                    No. 2                                                   No. 3
       9 Red roses (200 credits)                    9 Pink roses (200 credits)                  9 White roses (200 credits)
     15 Red roses (250 credits)                  15 Pink roses (250 credits)                15 White roses (250 credits)
     21 Red roses (300 credits)                  21 Pink roses (300 credits)                21 White roses (300 credits)

Red Roses           Pink Roses          White Roses

No. 4                                                    No. 5                                                   No. 6
     Red roses, candies (220 credits)         White roses, heart (225 credits)        Cup with flowers (250 credits)


Red Roses and candies           White roses in red heart          Cup with flowers

No. 7                                                    No. 8                                                   No. 9
     Red cup, flowers (260 credits)             White flowers, vase (260 credits)      Red roses in vase (265 credits)


Red cup with flowers           Vase with white flowers          Vase with red roses inside

No. 10                                                  No. 11                                                 No. 12
     Roses in cup (270 credits)                   Bright bouquet (280 credits)              Bouquet elegant (290 credits)


Roses in cup           Bright bouquet          Bouquet elegant

No. 13                                                  No. 14                                                 No. 15
     Roses, vase (300 credits)                    Bouquet, champaign (305 credits)     Bouquet roses (335 credits)


Glas vase and roses           Bouquet and champaign          White and red roses

No. 16                                                  No. 17                                                 No. 18
    Chocolates arrows (50 credits)            Raeffaello (50 credits)                        Chocolates, nuts (50 credits)
    (only with order of flowers)                  (only with order of flowers)                (only with order of flowers)

Chocolates arrows            Raffaello          Chocolates with nuts

No. 19                                                  No. 20                                                 No. 21 
    Chocolates Nestle (60 credits)              Chocolates Esfero (65 credits)           Champaign (75 credits)
    (only with order of flowers)                  (only with order of flowers)                (only with order of flowers)

Chocolates Nestle            Chocolates Esfero          Champaign

No. 22                                                  No. 23                                                 No. 24
    Elephant (200 credits)                          Teddy bear (200 credits)                    Bouquet of toys (305 credits)

Elephant            Teddy bear          Bouquet of toys

No. 25                                                  No. 26                                                 No. 27
    Cake, coffee, nuts (80 credits)             Fruit basket (250 credits)                   Gift basket (325 credits)
    (only with order of flowers)
Cake, coffee and nuts            Fruit basket          Gift basket