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Il est possible de rencontrer quelqu’un sur notre site et de trouver votre âme sœur. Une personne qui sera votre amie, amante et qui représentera tout pour vous. Cela commence par une rencontre en ligne, puis après un certain temps vous pouvez fixer un rendez-vous. Vous devez y aller progressivement. Puis, en fin de compte, l’inattendu peut se produire, vous vous rendez compte que cette personne vous est très chère et que vous vous aimez. Vous devez y croire, que cela peut aussi vous arriver. Avez-vous essayé ? Avez-vous fait les premiers pas ? Avez-vous rencontré quelqu’un sur notre site ? Êtes-vous parmi les chanceux qui ont passé un agréable rendez-vous ? Si c’est le cas, dites-le-nous, nos lecteurs adorent lire vos expériences et cela les rendra heureux. Partagez vos expériences et faites-nous par de vos émotions plaisantes. Vous pouvez nous écrire ci-dessous. Nous vous remercions par avance de partager votre expérience et émotions avec nous. Et nous souhaitons à tous de trouver leur moitié.

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  • Posté 36 il y a des mois
For the first time in my life I went to Belarus and it was exciting to go there. I went there to visit a lady that I met on this website. I can say that it was a very pleasant visit. I went for a short visit, because up to 5 days it was visa-free. And I wanted to see first how it will be and how the meetings will go. The city of Minsk was better than I imagined. It is an attractive, neat, spacious and relaxed city. The standards were quite good. It has a good airport, hotels, restaurants, infrastructure, shops, etc. I had wonderful meetings with this lady. It was interesting, pleasant and romantic. I arrived on Friday and she met me as planned in front of my hotel. I gave her flowers, which I did each time we met. And I gave her souvenirs and typical delicacies from my country, which she appreciated. In return she gave me at the end of the trip embroidered snowflakes that she made and also a delicacy from her country. The city was already a bit in the Christmas spirit. We went for a walk and later we stopped at a nice restaurant that we passed by. We had a table for two and with live music. It was very nice. The next two days she showed me her city in the afternoon, I enjoyed it and it was beautiful. We visited also cafe's where we had a break and we had also evening walks. The second evening we enjoyed of a Belarus restaurant and again with live music, and this time with their traditional instruments. Also the third day we enjoyed very much the restaurant. The atmosphere was very good and we enjoyed each others company. For me this visit was very positive. And my acquaintance with her was very good. I have a good connection with her. That is why we stayed in contact with each other. And now we are planning to meet again in her neighbor country. We will see how things will develop. But anyway, I am glad that we decided to meet each other and that I made this trip. I have good memories of it.


  • Posté 37 il y a des mois
Хочу поделиться моим опытом знакомства с мужчиной. Когда я поняла, что хочу найти близкого человека, я решила зарегистрироваться на сайте знакомств. Из сотни сайтов я выбрала именно этот, мне порекомендовала его моя подруга. Через некоторое время мне написал мужчина, мы стали общаться, затем договорились о встрече. Он приехал в мой город, где мы провели несколько приятных встреч. На каждом свидании он дарил мне цветы-это были незабываемые моменты. Несмотря на то, что я не очень хорошо владею английским, мы во многом понимали друг друга. В настоящее время мы продолжаем общаться и планируем нашу встречу снова. Я не знаю, что будет дальше, но как женщина, чувствую себя счастливой)
Я считаю, что оба человека должны работать над отношениями постоянно. Нужно научиться понимать друг друга и учитывать интересы интересы каждого. Всегда с удовольствием читаю ваши статьи. Хочу выразить благодарность команде DatingRussianLadies. Здесь работают профессионалы!)

I want to share my experience of dating with a man.When I realized that I wanted to find a loved one, I decided to register on a dating site. I chose this site among hundreds of other sites, because my friend recommended it to me. After some time one man wrote me, we began to communicate, then we agreed to have a meeting. He came to my city, where we had some pleasant meetings. He gave me flowers on every date, these were unforgettable moments. Despite the fact that I do not speak in English very well, we largely understood each other. Presently we continue to communicate and we plan our meeting again. I do not know what will be further, but as a woman I feel happy) I believe that both people must work on relationships constantly. It is needed to learn to understand each other and take into account the interests of everyone.I always read the articles on this site with pleasure. I want to express my gratitude to the team of DatingRussianLadies. Professionals work here!)
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